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Driver Pay:


Job DescRiption: TRUCK DRIVER

License and Examinations:

Skills and Competencies:

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

Must have a minimum of 1 year driving experience. Primary job function is to safely drive a commercial motor vehicle, requires compliance with Safety and DOT Regulations, continuous training and customer service. Ability to drive 11 hours per day on- duty with a 30 minute required break for every 8 hours of drive time. Drivers cannot drive beyond the 14th hour on-duty. Ability to follow written and/or oral instructions. Along with that, the ability to read, interpret and apply laws, rules, regulations, policies, and/or procedures.

Physical Requirements:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Communicate with customers, other employees and drivers
    • Via email, texting and smart phones
  • Needs to be familiar with delivery areas and be able to assist drivers in finding job sites
    • Able to use Google Maps and/or other map programs
  • Must be able to determine travel time between material sources and customer locations
  • Able and willing to work overtime including early mornings, late afternoons and weekends
  • Daily coaching and management of drivers
  • Notate the start times of each driver, and ensure DVIRs and Mileage reports are submitted daily
  • Work with Equipment personnel to ensure service schedules are met daily
  • Accurate daily input of orders into McLeod software
  • Coordinate with other dispatchers for any loads that you will cover or need to be covered by them
  • Must be able to provide excellent customer service and resolve any issues that may arise
    • Manage equipment utilization
    • Familiar with different types of equipment
  • Knowledge of how each equipment operates for trouble shooting problems
  • Dispatch freight following all safety policies and procedures
    • Must be able to ensure all Drivers are following all safety procedures/policies at all loading and unloading locations.
  • Responsible for making sure the trucks are utilized to the highest revenue goal potential per day
  • Good understanding of DOT guidelines, rules and regulations
    • Hours of Service
    • Driver Log Books
    • DVIR
    • State and Federal Weight Limits, etc.
  • Ability to work in a multi-task, stressful, fast pace and constantly changing environment
  • Computer Skills-must be able to utilize the following during your daily tasks:
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft Excel and Word
    • McLeod Software
    • Peoplenet
    • Internet Explorer/Google